Jun 24, 2024
From ALBERS - the Innovators! The company that brought you
the first original self-locking headlock now introduces ...
17" standard cow-entry opening - so it's always in "large entry" mode! COMFORTABLE!! Note the double pivot bars which allow your cows comfortable lunge space forward, left and right!

     We all know that time is money! A
lock-up that is easier to enter, creating
a quicker and more positive lock-up,
will provide more cow comfort.

      Your cow spends most of her time
in the headlock eating in the feed position.
pending) moves with her as she feeds.
Both sides pivot, creating easier cow
movement, meaning more comfort,
which means more feed intake, which
will produce more milk - which means
more $$$!!!

     At any time, but especially when prices are low, this lock-up can make the difference!

  • Standard 17" opening (always in large entry mode) - a direct, balanced opening makes for easy cow/bull entry so there's no need for "optional" labor intensive add-ons.
  • Allows for easy entry to facilitate heifer training.
  • Same great, time-proven ALBERS frame design eliminates unwanted double-cow entry.
  • Takes half the effort for a quicker lock-up!
  • Safe, individual cow release - in front of the cow or from behind.
  • The low lockrail makes for easier shot placement
  • Quiet
  • Rectangular tubing used on horizontal members for added strength! Horizontal rails are hot-dipped!
  • Compare our panel weights with the competition.
SLAR Headlock

SLTP Headlock
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